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LGIT can easily handle all your security needs, including analyzing your security posture, incidence response coordination and cyber security training.

Security Analysis

  • Review of Security Policies and
    Network Infrastructure

    Identify, evaluate and assess cyber security status.

  • Penetration test

    Simulate cyber attacks as a hacker and identify vulnerabilities
    before they are exploited.

  • Audit of your data & cloud environment

    Protect your data and that of your customers by understanding
    your security risks and vulnerabilities.

Cyber Training

Operational Security

Get familiar with the methodologies of web system and network protection to secure your IS, your website and your web application.

Awareness-raising course

Make your working teams aware of the main attack vectors and teach them the good practices to implement in order to secure your workstation.

Expertise sharing

Maximize your IT security policy thanks to the expertise of the LGIT teams and implement offensive cybersecurity solutions.

Proactive protection

Deploy a pentest methodology in complete autonomy and make the most of our experience to create your emergency protocol in the event of an attack.


Protect your sensitive data and get familiar with the issues, penalties and obligations imposed by the GDPR, in order to ensure compliance.


Discover and get familiar with all the standards that can affect your cybersecurity policy to ensure compliance with standards such as NIST, SOC2, ISO 27001 and ISO 27002s.


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